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Rehoboth Pentecostal Ministries Inc.

Circle of Churches

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The Circle of Churches is the apostolic vision that God gave our Overseer Jeffrey D. Lane in the winter of 2006.  While on an 18 month consecration, Overseer met God in prayer every morning at 3:oo am.  During this time with God one morning, the Lord took him out in the spirit and showed him a vision.  As God took him out, he could see circles being formed that were connected to the whole. He knew this was a concept of true fellowship for strength and growth for the whole.  Some were near and some were far, but all were connected in the spirit.  After seeing this vision that day, he wrote down the details of what God had shown him and shared it with his leaders.  Through much prayer and perseverance, the seeds of His apostolic vision has produced fruit.


God has given our Overseers to birth and nurture sons and daughters in the Lord to carry out these churches and ministries to reach souls from all walks of life.  To this end, the training and growth of the five-fold ministry is being carried out.

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