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Our Fellowship Overseer

Overseer Jeffrey D. Lane

Rehoboth Pentecostal Ministries

Circle of Churches Fellowship


Overseer Jeffrey D. Lane is a dedicated, hard-working Father of the Gospel that is not afraid to war against the enemy and get his hands dirty doing so.  He serves as the Overseer of Rehoboth Pentecostal Ministries - Circle of Churches Fellowship.


Overseer is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Rehoboth Pentecostal Ministries. He is recognized as a leader and role model among his peers, reaching a generation of men and women who are looking for wholeness both naturally and spiritually. 


With over 30 years of ongoing responsibility, in 1992 God called Overseer into ministry and he has set the standard for working with people from all walks of life.  Pastor Lane’s God-given insight and compassion has led him to counsel families, couples, and youth.


Overseer Lane served faithfully on the Board of Elders for sixteen years, Youth Pastor for ten years and Adjunct to the Bishop for seven years at Lighthouse Cathedral under Bishop Charlie H. Green. 


During this time, God called Pastor Lane to a four year prayer, consecration and seek that changed his life forever. As God began to speak in his life, God’s Word was confirmed through his Prophets and the urgency of the Call of God was apparent. God showed him many things during this time including the apostolic vision for this Fellowship.  After a final 18-month consecration period, the will of God settled in the heart of Pastor Lane and steps to found the church were made in 2008.  On October 4, 2008, Pastor Lane was installed as the Senior Pastor by his Bishop.  He knew it would take much work and fortitude through joyous times and challenging seasons. Down through those years, God was forming in him the character, integrity and wisdom he would need to be a courageous leader, not afraid to face the daunting task of pastoring lives.


Under his leadership, the Lord blessed the church to purchase a forever church home in River Rouge, Michigan in 2012.  RPM  has been a welcomed part of the River Rouge community by the Mayor, City Council, and community leaders at large.  Because of Pastor’s influence, we are embraced and encouraged by those around us.


Overseer Lane’s heart is in preaching Holiness and reaching the souls in the community.  He works to reach the needy, the abused, the homeless, and the underprivileged.  With years of competence, being responsible for planning, developing, and implementing administrative policies and procedures for both faith-based and community-wide organizations, he is truly the right man for the job. This modern-day Nehemiah brings 35+ years of corporate experience in processing, logistics and quality to the Kingdom of God.

Above all, his most treasured accomplishments are those of a devoted husband to his wife, Pastor Tamara Lane and a loving father to their two children Jeffrey Nicholas with his wife Chanel and Sydney Gabrielle and a joyful grandfather to two grandchild, Julian and Melody with one new arrival coming soon.


It is his aim to please God in everything. Pastor Lane says, “We do what we do with excellence. In everything we do, reach a soul with the power of God.”

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